Erectile Dysfunction

When a man’s penis cannot be hard enough to enter the vagina, perhaps not enough blood or no blood is pumped into the muscles of the penis to maintain an erection. In other words, it is called impotence because these men will not have the capacity to conceive women. The number one problem with erectile dysfunction is unsatisfactory sex life; others include low self-esteem, embarrassment of sexual partners, depression, and anxiety.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by one or the combination of the mentioned medical problems such as, smoking, abuse of drugs, alcoholism, neurological diseases and cardiovascular diseases. In this article, we are going to draw a conclusion on the prevalence of erectile dysfunction, its symptoms, causes, risk factors and natural remedies.

  • Prevalence: According to a research study, out of 100 men between 7 to 52 men of all ages are affected by erectile dysfunction. Though it depends on the group that is studied for research purpose because age is the main factor as far as erectile dysfunction is concerned. It was reported that 50% of older men will experience erectile dysfunction and 1 out of 10 men below the age of 60 years will experience it. 
  • Symptoms: If a man has an inability to have or sustain an erection then he may be suffering from erectile dysfunction problem. This problem occurs frequently and a reduction may be feeling in sexual desire over a long time. 
  • Causes: It may be caused by spinal cord injury or effect of surgery to the pelvic area. A side effect of prostate cancer treatment and metabolic syndrome may also cause erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, there are psychological factors that may result to erectile dysfunction. 
  • Risk Factors: Diabetes, heart disease, tobacco addiction and obesity constitutes the highest risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Others are prostate surgery, penile injury, drug abuse or alcoholism, depression, anxiety and blood pressure medication. 
  • Natural Remedies: You may overcome from erectile dysfunction problem by having some change in your lifestyle. Below mentioned are the following tips which will help you to prevent it.
  1. Regular exercise
  2. Treatment of drug abuse and abstain from alcohol
  3. Quit smoking
  4. Lose weight
  5. Maintain good relationship
  6. Proper stress and anxiety management

Erectile dysfunction is one such obstacle that may affect your sex life. Upon realizing that you have this problem, the next step is to seek help from the specialist in men’s health. The good thing is that erectile dysfunction is a curable condition.

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