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Hashmi Dawakhana was established in 1929 & since then working continue to serve humanity. Received many award in the field of Herbal System of Treatment, lots of patients treated successfully & this chain is continue. We at Hashmi Dawakhana offer best formulated Herbal Products to cure all male female health related problems.

Hashmi Clinic is a leading name in the field of sexual health. Using ancient Indian Unani medicine and techniques, we provide permanent and safe treatment for all sexually transmitted diseases.

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www.hashmisalescorporation.com is the site dedicated completely for the treatment of SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS. This is an official site run by Dr Hashmi

This site has complete information about sexual dysfunctions, and their treatment procedures. Sexual Dysfunction is a common condition nowadays in both males and females. Some dysfunctions are congenital (by birth) and some are acquired. Sexual dysfunction of any kind leads to a stressful life and need to be treatedon as soon as possible basis. Infertility in both men and women has become a scrape leading to a repulsive nature of an individual. These conditions can be treated and one can be cured. Treatment procedures or treatment plan is different for every case, depending upon the case, treatment plan is made accordingly.

Self-stimulation or Masturbation is practiced by majority of population. It is an essential part of one’s life to be sexually satisfied when partner is not available and to have a great sex life; masturbation plays an important role in that. Socially this act is not acceptable, but it is not a crime or its practice should not lead to any guilt. But how much masturbation is enough to lead a normal life and how much can lead to any sexual problem, is the point to think about. For all such queries, visit BEST SEXOLOGIST IN INDIA, Dr. Hashmi.

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Hashmi Extream X Plus Capsule, Boost your hormonal vitality and energy levels to supercharge your libido and sex drive, letting you experience a torrent of vitality and vigor.


Hashmi Hard Rock Capsule, When used regularly, helps amp up your manhood in inches, both length and girth wise, making your woman blush at its very sight.


Hashmi Mughal e azam capsule, Takes your sexual endurance and control to the next level so you can last longer during sex, without having to worry about premature ejaculation.


Hashmi Mughal E Azam Cream, Boosts the blood flow to the penis, letting you achieve rock-hard erections on command that let you pleasure your partner and leave her gasping for more.