Night Discharge

To discharge semen while asleep is called night Discharge. It is also known as nightfall. The patient in dream feels that some beautiful woman is beside him, he starts doing sexual act with her and the semen is discharged. In the beginning he rises up immediately at the time of discharge but slowly he is so much in the grip of this disease that he fails to know when he has discharged semen while asleep. He comes to know of it only when he gets up in the morning.

Nightfall does always occur at night. Occasional night discharges are not a disease but if it happens frequently, it is undoubtedly injurious to ones health. To avoid frequent nightfall young men should not indulge in vulgar talks, see nude photographs and should not read sexual literature, which arouses their sexual feelings. Do not take hot milk at night. In the morning to walk bare foot on green grass is very helpful for those who have frequent night discharges.