Vagitot Cream Tube


Key Features

  • Tightens the vagina walls and repairs the damage cells
  • Rejuvenated and youthful feel
  • Remove virus infection and bad odour
  • Arrive sexual climax (orgasms) more often and revel sex at its best.
  • Enjoy racy and satisfied sexual life with Maximized sex drive
  • Improves friction and tightness
  • No side effect
Vagitot Cream Tube

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Vagitot Cream Tube

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Vagitot Cream: Best Vagina Tightening Product in India

Vagitot vagina tightening cream is the best herbal solution if you are facing issues like looseness in the vagina, lack of interest in intercourse, lack of sensation, infection or bad odor, or other similar problems. This vagina tightening cream is specially made by the experienced specialists to deal with these issues in a natural way. It saves you from going for chemically processed medicines and heals your body for better sexual and general life experiences.

The Reasons For Vagina Loosening And Other Issues:

The issue of Vagina loosening could arise in the general course of events. But it surely poses some serious complexities in the love life as it is directly connected with the pleasure of sex. The man usually blames the woman for this issue which is not fair in any sense. Some main factors that usually invite this issue are;

Vagitot Vaginal Cream – Improved Friction, Lubrication & Deep Sensation, Extreme Sexual Experience And Freedom From Infection

The vagina may lose some elasticity in the normal course due to many reasonable factors. There is no denying of the fact that tight vagina gives better sexual pleasure, better satisfaction and also promotes better organ health. So how to get back the youth and sensation that brings the feeling of freshness and excitement.

Vagitot vaginal cream is the answer. The ointment is the result of extensive research, use of pure herbs, and the supervision of priceless practical experience. It repairs the damaged cells by going into the deep layer of the vaginal organ and nourishes the skin. The cream is made of herbal ingredients only that are selected after the authentic research in our advanced labs.

How To Use Tightening Cream?

The application of the cream is simple. Just take cream equal to pea seed on your finger tip, and without rubbing directly apply on the outer part of vagina, excluding clitoris area. Lightly massage the cream on the skin. It is soft and light, will get absorbed by the skin quickly. Apply and massage the cream in the same way two times every day.

Ingredients :

Symplocos racemosus-1%, Quercus infectoria-1%, Terminalia chebula-1%, Fumaria-1%, Woodfordia fruticosa-1%, Mucuna pruriens, Alum-2%, Nelumbo-nucifera-1%, Rose-1%, Pistachia Vera linn-1%, Lavendula Steochas-1%, Vaseline-988mg