Antobacus Capsule


Key Features

  • Treats alcohol dependence
  • Reduce and eliminate the craving for alcohol
  • Soothes brain and nervous system
  • Strengthens liver and filter efficiency
  • Nourishes the body parts affected from addiction
  • Treats depression and anxiety
  • Balances emotional and mental responses
Antobacus Capsule

Additional information


20 Capsule


One or two capsule a day or as directed by the physician.

Antobacus Capsule

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This alcohol addiction treatment is made for those people who want to get rid of this life threatening and ruining problem. There are people who say that they drink to forget bad memories and there are people who say that they forget everything due to this drinking habit. All the cases, when the drinker becomes used to heavy drinking, fall in the second scenario.

Alcohol is such a thing that gives you the mind boggling thoughts and steals your decision and judging power completely. Though, very few lucky people recognize their weakness and determine to leave the addiction. We appreciate their first step towards making life and to help them in this, we offer this completely natural alcohol addiction medicine that is able to ease the difficult time and give you required strength.

Antobacus : Alcohol Addiction is bad but ignoring it is a complete disaster

Hashmi Antobacus is made to purely refine your desires and weaken your urge for alcohol consumption. The medicine is a combination of pure natural herbs that are found very useful in curbing the issues arising due to alcohol. This alcohol addiction treatment is the widely known and demanded medicine due to its positive and quick impact on the issue.

Alcohol Addiction –Not Just The Cancer

If you think that alcohol gives only cancer, then this information is for you. Cancer is not the sudden outcome of alcohol consumption. It directly affects liver, stomach, brain, nervous system and heart. If you focus more, you will find some of the following issues taking advantage on you.

Besides this, there is long list of cancers and other serious internal diseases that alcohol consumption invites to the body. People generally ignore the big threats saying that they don’t care for them as they take time to appear on the body. But will you plan your life like this. Living far less than your maximum potential and carving a way to your untimely death. If you are a bit conscious about what you are and wants to change your life then determine to leave alcohol. Nothing is bigger than a man`s determination and firm will. Only this thought will take you out of this bog.

Antobacus helps you in the natural way –Antobacus herbal alcohol addiction treatment is the ultimate medicine made to reduce the craving for alcohol. It relaxes and soothes your nervous system, normalizes the blood flow, fulfills the deficiency created by alcohol, reduces and finish the symptoms that lead you to repeated consumption of alcohol and heals the body for healthy routine. Use it if you still believe in yourself. Every life matters. The only thing that matters is – point of view.

Ingredients :-

Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Liquorice) 100mg, Avena Sativa-75mg,Garcinia cambogia-25mg, Zingiber officinale-20mg, Medicago asiatica-10mg, Centella asiatica-10mg, Eucalyptus-09mg, Piper Longum-10mg, Withania somnifera-5mg, Mentha x Pipertia linn-01mg